Bucket List

We decided to keep our Bucket List tradition alive, but modify it a bit. We're still pretty close to New York, so we'll keep most of our list. But, we've added some very Connecticut-y things, and some New Englandy things, and some other things we're dying to do.  

So, heres our list of our very own MUST DOs! I'll cross them off the list as we do them! If you have suggestions PLEASE leave a comment! We'd love to add to our list! 
  1. Learn to Sail
  2. Visit Boston
  3. Visit a Maple Syrup Farm
  4. Connecticut's Chocolate Trail (link)
  5. Visit a working lighthouse
  6. Minute Men Reenactment (April)
  7. Boston Tea Party Museum
  8. Plimouth Plantation 
  9. Mayflower II
  10. Sleigh Ride 
  11. Train Ride through the Fall Foliage
  12. Cider Mill
  13. Zip Line
  14. Drive-In Theater
  15. Lake Winnipesauke
  16. Go to an NFL game
  17. Liberty Bell in Philadelphia
  18. Cape Cod
  19. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
  20. Maine
  21. Vermont
  22. New Hampshire
  23. Rhode Island
  24. Massachusetts
  25. Eat Lobster in Maine
  26. WaterFire in Providence
  27. Nantucket Islands
  28. North Pole Express (Essex Steam Train)
  29. Visit Montreal
  30. London
  31. Arsenal Game
  32. Visit Coney Island and eat a Famous Coney Island Hot Dog
  33. Find the best slice of Pizza in NYC
  34. Ice Skate
  35. Eat a Cronut
  36. Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity
  37. Top of the Rock
  38. The Met
  39. See the Cherry Blossoms in the Spring Time
  40. Bronx Zoo
  41. Visit Ground Zero Memorial
  42. Yankee's Game
  43. See a Celeb
  44. Eat Pasta in Little Italy
  45. Order Chinese in the middle of the night
  46. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  47. Visit the Manhattan LDS Temple
  48. Go to a Broadway Show
  49. Play Frisbee in Central Park
  50. Times Square
  51. Visit the New York Stock Exchange
  52. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  53. Take a Day Trip out of the City
  54. Visit Palmyra and other Church History Sites
  55. Go out on the East River
  56. Go out on the Hudson River
  57. Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
  58. Get caught in the rain
  59. China Town for the Chinese New Year (Jan 31)
  60. See the Rockettes
  61. Explore a new city for a weekend
  62. New York Fashion Week
  63. Go to Madison Square Garden
  64. Eat a REAL NY Hot Dog
  65. Ride a Bike around the City
  66. Bryant Park
  67. Empire State Building
  68. Be an extra in a movie or TV show filming
  69. Chelsea Market
  70. The High Line
  71. Niagara Falls
  72. Downtown New York Public Library
  73. Central Park Carousel
  74. Dylan's Candy Bar
  75. Crumb's Bakery
  76. Row Boats in Central Park
  77. Watch an Arsenal game with the NYC Gooners!
  78. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
  79. Christmas Window Displays
  80. Union Square
  81. Hail a cab
  82. Carlo's Bakery (Cake Boss)
Our Family Rules for this bucket list:
A. We must do these things TOGETHER!
B. We must have photos to prove we did it.
C. We must write in our blog/journal about the experience.

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