The Dupaixs Visit

In December, Zack's parents came to spend a week with us and soak up the New York Christmas experience! It was such a blast! They rented a car and so we drove everywhere! This was so convenient, and also a serious reminder that I don't EVER want to drive downtown! Haha I'll leave that to the fearless!

Zack's parents are so generous and seriously spoiled us! We ate mountains of amazing food, wandered through holiday markets, checked out the Rockefeller Center Tree, spent a good chunk of time in the Macy's on 34th street, took a quick peak at a few holiday windows, and most exciting of all... We saw the Radio City Rockettes!! 

 You guys, if you haven't done this, it's a MUST SEE! I'm sure their year round show is great, but their Christmas Spectacular is pretty spectacular! However, I do think the story line suffered a bit from years and years of trying to outdo the year before! It was a little complicated, and bizarre, but the dancing was SPECTACULAR! They do this really amazing number where they are all toy soldiers! I think it's the only thing that they have done every year since the beginning! Easily my favorite part!

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Gunner thoroughly enjoyed it! He napped through the first half, then was wide awake and mesmerized by the lights and music! Papa bought Gunner this spinny light up toy that he got a real kick out of! It is SO fun to watch Gunner enjoy things and get excited about things! (It's about time!!) 

We planned on visiting all the holiday store windows (they have a reputation for being extravagant!) but we didn't have a chance to really see more than a passing glance as we walked up 5th avenue! Does that count for crossing off our bucket list?! It'll have to! 

We also possibly may have found the best slice of pizza in New York City! I mean how can we know if it's the best if we haven't tried every single slice... But it was top notch! I'm not sure we're ready to officially call it the best slice ever, but we'll definitely be back to retest it! And in the mean time we'll continue eating pizza at least 4 times a week! (Is this my life?! I feel like its a dream!)

The Macy's as always is amazing and overwhelming! Its 9 floors and two square blocks... Yeah!

The tree and ice rink at Rockefeller Center are definitely a must see! Its like the most classic, famous holiday display in the city. (But to be honest, I wasn't all that impressed by their tree...) It is a real tree, which is impressive because its so big (how do they get it there???), but the decorations were pretty minimal. Maybe thats what they were going for? 

Over all the visit with the Dupaixs was so much fun! We loved the chance to share the city with them! They spoiled us rotten and we are so thankful for all they do to support us and make our crazy life easier!

Have you been to NYC for the holidays? Whats on your MUST SEE list?

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