A Month in Utah, According to my iPhone

I think our favorite Christmas gift was a month long visit home! Even though we are loving NYC, we were ready for a little break from the city, and a reminder of what normal life is like for most people in the world! Like the smallest things were so refreshing! Driving in a car to go places, restaurants having places to sit, not looking into our neighbors windows from our bed, ect.

We were so incredibly spoiled! We were able to see both of our entire families (except one of my brothers), and just had an absolute blast! Gunner just LOVED watching his cousins play and learning from them(and running from them!) my favorite part was watching Gunner bond with my parents and Zack's parents. 

I think that's the hardest thing for me about living here. I so badly want Gunner to have a close relationship with his grandparents! I see how close my sister's kids are to my parents and it hurts my heart that Gunner is missing out on that! I keep thinking one day we'll be there, but the odds are pretty slim! 

Okay wow this post just took a depressing turn... Haha anyways! It was incredibly rejuvenating to be surrounded by all those we love the most! I got to spend almost everyday with my mom and sister and that was time that I cherish so much!  I feel like we just filled our tanks with love and memories and family to get us through the next few months away! 

By the time it was time to come home, we were ready to not be living out of a suit case and get back into our routine but goodbyes are never easy! We packed up and said our goodbyes the night before our flight, only to find out we didn't fly out for two more days... Oops! Haha! So we got a bonus day and had to say a second round of goodbyes! Bittersweet!

I didn't take use my camera much, so most of my pics are from my iphone (ew! I know!) So basically, here's "A Month in Utah, According to my iPhone"


//As far as "Gunner's First Christmas" is concerned, ask me again next year. Do any babies care about their first Christmas? Gunner was completely uninterested in opening presents, christmas jammies, ect. I keep feeling like I should write about the magic of Gunner's first Christmas, but if I'm being completely honest, he didn't feel the magic! So next year will be considered Gunner's first real magical Christmas!

So much fun in the snow! First time sledding!

We will treasure the memories from that time forever! Thanks for an amazing month family!!


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