Sugar Cookies, FINALLY

I know, I know you have been begging me for this recipe for so long and the day has finally come. (PIN IT HERE) I alway put it off thinking I need better pictures of the process. Ya know, pictures of my KitchenAid and all the ingredients laid out perfectly. Well, I’ve come to accept that those pictures will probably never exsist because honestly, that’s just not how I bake. I bake when my kids are sleeping (night baking doesn’t lend itself to pretty pictures) or bouncing back and forth from the kitchen to wherever my kids are playing kissing boo boos and opening baggies of goldfish. But today is the day, and guess what, still no pictures of the process. (Sorry, but also kinda not.)


A Little Goes a Long Way

I spent the morning prepping my kitchen and diving into a big cake project that I’m verrrrrry excited about. But I find that when I’m deep in a project I sort of shoo my kids out of the way and encourage (beg) them to do anything but follow me around the kitchen. Gunner was at school, so without proper distraction, Nella was relentless. After fielding about 78 requests to be included, I finally agreed to make a few cupcakes for them to decorate when G got home. That got her off my back for a few minutes.


Welcoming Ramona

I've been meaning to write about Ramona's birth story for a while now, but I just haven't been able to find the right mindset to sit down, focus, and make it happen. I keep waiting for that magical hour or two when my house is quiet and everything is checked off my to-do list. It turns out, my to-do list is never-ending, and my house is never really quiet except for a few hours in the middle of the night. And you all know I'm not about to willingly give up a single minute of sleep. So, I added this assignment to my to-do list last Monday, and here I am a week and a half later, finally sitting down to do it.