Gunner's First Birthday

I've thought over and over and over again about the things I want to say about celebrating Gunner's first birthday! And I've come to the conclusion that it will just be a confusing emotional mess. So instead, I'm just going to post some of my favorite pictures from his birthday party!

We had a house full of friends and tiny wild ones! Gunner was just basking in all the attention! 

I was so distracted during the party I forgot to take pictures of all the fun decorations! Here's the two pics I got! 

We had everyone write their wishes for Gunner as he grows! I love how it turned out! 

My sister made these adorable banners and over nighted them to me! She is just all around the best! 

The Cakes!!

The big cake for the guests was a vanilla cake with vanilla and strawberry fillings and lemon buttercream. I was so proud that I didn't blow it with the piping! (I use this recipe for my vanilla cake, I just replace the coconut milk with whole milk!)

Gunner's Cake was made up of his two favorite things in life: blueberries &bananas. It was a banana cake with lemon buttercream and blueberries. This banana cake is equal parts easy and delicious! Its my go-to for a quick treat (especially when I have over-ripened bananas). I got this amazing cake stand on amazon. I'm OBSESSED with it. I feel like I need to start making tiny things just to display on it. 

I maybe got a little emotion while we sang Happy Birthday. MY BABY IS ONE!!! 

He saw those blueberries and he was not shy about digging in! just wait.. 

He was ALL about the blueberries... until he tasted the frosting!

Aww YEAH! Thats the good stuff!!

He was covered head to toe in frosting! He was all shiny and sticky like a glazed donut. 

He needed a little milk to wash it all down! 

He probably ate like 80% of that cake. I couldn't believe how he just kept eating and eating and eating! His bath water was a gooey murky mess!  

Once our guests had left and the babe was in bed, we sat down and took a deep breath. We were both so overwhelmed with how full our life in New York City is. I was really bummed out about being away from family for such an important day in our lives. But, holy cow, did our friends make up for it. Sometimes I can't believe we've only been here for 6 months. It feels like we've known these people for years. 

We absolute could not have done this without our friends the Leals, (You can read her awesome blog here: Cooking Hat) They spent their entire day off helping us get ready for the party! I would have been an absolute wreck without their help! (THANKS GUYS!)

We are feeling so at home here and it's making us a little sad that we may be moving in a few months! I would not be disappointed even a little bit if we got to stay in NYC for a few more years! Fingers crossed everyone!!


P.S. I've been thinking about doing some post about baking. Would you guys read that? Or would it just be annoying because you're only here for pictures of my cute kid in the city? I'd love some feedback!!


  1. I love it all Sally! And heck yes we would love baking posts! Miss ya=)

    1. You're the best Aubrie!!! Thanks!

  2. always LOVE yummy baking posts! please do decide to