A Day in New Joisy

Zack and I have always been a little intimidated to go over to New Jersey! If we were to rent a car or take a taxi, the tolls alone would bankrupt us. We had no idea it would be so simple. That's why friends who grew up here are very handy!!

Our awesome friends the Leals talked about going to Carlo's bakery for Angel's birthday! I promptly invited myself because, A. It's on my bucket list! And B. It's Cake Boss!!! Even though it's been on our list this whole time, I have just been too intimidated to get over there! So I was thrilled to have some experienced city dwellers to show us the way! 

Getting there was a cinch! We took the train to Penn Station, then hopped on the Path Rail, which is actually cheaper than the subways in the city! And we were there in like 20 min! The hardest part of the trip was maneuvering 34th street! It was the weekend before St Patrick's day and a Knicks game had just gotten out! We literally had to throw around elbows to get through the crowd! And don't even get me started on the mean ladies at the elevator! 

Once we crossed the river and got off in Hoboken, we looked back across the river and I couldn't get over the view!! I'm really starting to feel like the city is becoming our home! The walk from the train to Carlos took maybe 10 minutes! It was just a few blocks and Hoboken is SUCH a cool town! New Jersey sure gets a bad rap. I expected it to be gross and trashy. But it was clean and people were friendly! 

We have been told there is always a long wait to even get in the door! It was a Saturday so I expected at least an hour, but it only took about 10 minutes! We must have been really lucky because by the time we got out, the line went across the street and down the block! These three jokesters entertained us for our quick wait! 

Inside the bakery was complete madness! You take a number when you enter then you can browse the bakery until they call your number then you have to order! My browse time went way too quickly. But that's probably for the best or I would have ended up with like 100 treats! I was suprised that prices were about the same as your average comer bakery in NY. I expected them to be sky high because it's a famous bakery. Once I ordered and paid I just couldn't get out of there fast enough! It was so crazy! 

The Leal's were in there so long I was starting to get concerned! Were they okay in there? They were more than okay! They were just busy meeting one of the bakers and stars of the show, Mauro! I can't believe in my hurry to get out of the mania I missed this!! I saw him pop his head out from the back, but didn't even think to hang around and ask for a pic!! I'm seriously regretting it now! 

We found a bench outside to enjoy our spoils! If we had any hope of saving some for later, that went out the window almost immediately. Every single thing was delicious. As in Perfection. Omg. My mouth is watering just remembering.  We ordered a chocolate cannoli, a regular cannoli, a cream puff, and a raspberry linzer cookie. My favorite was obviously the chocolate cannoli. I have a thing for cannolis.  And by thing, I mean obsession.  Dip them in chocolate and I just don't stand a chance. I mean really. But the rest was delish too!

I think its safe to say there is no flattering way to eat a cannoli!

Ally was so sweet to share! Although, I think she ended up regretting it!
After all the treats, we decided to let the kiddies run off their energy. Gunner sure loves his freedom! And the red string from the box!!

Just before we left we decided to pose all together by the storefront for a picture just as two of the sisters walked through the door! We posed for pics then watched them walk towards the door to leave! This was my moment! We were finally going to meet and take a picture with a "celeb". There I was standing like a dummy right next to the door as they walked out and I froze and got star struck and didn't say anything. You guys how stupid is this?! I don't even watch cake boss! Like I haven't watched it in years, but I was still standing there like an idiot! Hahah I was so embarassed! 

We decided to walk down to Jersey City and grab some dinner! By the time we ate and were ready to head home it was freezing! Our optimism in dressing for warm weather had proved naive! We decided to run into an H&M just to grab an extra jacket for Gunner. Somehow we ended up with like 3 pairs of pants, two sweaters, a hat, sunglasses... How does this happen?!?! Haha! But his new hat is my most favorite ever!!!

Gunner and Ally are inseperable! It is so much fun to see my little one learning about friendship!! I could have died when I saw these two holding hands!!

The day was long, but full. I'm so glad we've gotten back on track with our bucket list. Especially because we don't know how much longer we'll be here! I'll be absolutely heart broken if we have to leave in two months. But I am so deeply grateful for the new friendships that already feel life-long!


P.S. A few more of Gunner... just because!


  1. First of all, you and Bobby are made for each other because he is obsessed with cannolis too. And I'm pretty sure he hasn't even tried like a legitimate one from like...outside of Utah haha! Second, I LOVE your hair! Looks so cute on you! Third, why don't you ever just wait around 30 Rockafeller Plaza to see stars or like SNL people? Like do they not go in and out of there all the time? That's at least what Bobby and I imagine. Also, why don't you see if you can get tickets to watch SNL? I'll just live vicariously through you, it's fine.

    1. I feel like there is no such thing as a bad cannoli so I'm sure whatever they have in Utah is still delicious!!

      Thanks about my hair! I love it like 80% of the time, but every couple days I just want to rip it out! haha!

      Every time we're near Rockefeller Center I like stare at every single person just hoping that I'll see someone! I haven't yet. But I feel like they are all probably there like everyday. Right??? Tickets are like impossible to get though! They do a lottery in August for the entire season. They do have standby though. Like you can wait in line all day long just hoping there is an extra seat or something! I've thought about doing that, but babies aren't allowed and I don't know what I'd do with Gunner while I stood in line for 12 hours and then went to the show! Haha!