The Temple, Cupcakes, & Fashion Week

OMG! I LOVE THIS CITY!!! I love my neighborhood, I love my apartment, I love exploring, I love the subway, I love the food.. I love our rooftop, I can only think of like 5 things I don't LOVE and like a million things that I do!

We woke up early early early this morning to make it ward temple day. Turns out they are working on the subway tracks by our house so there were no trains. Oops. So anyways, we ended up hopping on a bus (which was the best because we've been to scared to do it voluntarily, but it basically was our only choice!) The bus was so comfortable and it was an express bus that only stopped a few times before dropping us off steps from the temple! On our way home it literally dropped us at the door of our building. You just can't beat that! Plus, the street noise lulled my baby right to sleep. Seriously, I'm converted to busses!!!

The temple is amazing and beautiful and absolutely one of the most unique temples I've ever been in. Since having Gunner I haven't gotten the courage to leave him long enough to go through a session. Or really I haven't gotten the courage to leave him with anyone but family yet. So, Zack and I have just been taking turns going in and staying out with the boy. It doubles the amount of time we spend going, but it's absolutely worth every second! What an oasis and sanctuary!

Before we left for the day I was hoping I could convince Zack to head down to Fashion Week! I thought it was probably a long shot because he has like zero interest in such things. But, oh my gosh did I luck out because the temple is less than a block from Lincoln Center! WHAT? I know. I was THRILLED. So after some time in the temple we went over and watched as people came in and out of shows. I was like staring down every single person watching for celebs. Didn't see any.. (but of course Zack saw an NBA player I'd never heard of. His name is David Lee and plays for the Golden State Warriors, he was an All-Star last year. At least that's what Zack said. So does that count?)

There were people there dressed SO kooky! It was awesome! Photographers were everywhere watching for celebs and taking pictures of street fashion (AKA people who dress up really fancy or bizarre and hang around waiting for people to take pictures of them hoping to get in a magazine or on a fashion blog.) As Zack and I were leaving we were like omg... how could they not want OUR pictures? I mean really... Then a photographer stopped us.. my heart skipped a beat... and he asked to take a picture of Gunner. I mean at least theres one stylish person in our little family. Hahaha

There were also people handing out samples GALORE!! I was seriously so excited! I wanted to go back like 5 times and get a bunch of bags, but Zack said that would be dishonest and uncool... (ugh.) So, I limited myself to two of each! :) I got like full tubes of tooth paste, face wash, moisturizer, a bag of Lindor truffles, a million hair products, and ZOYA nail polish, People Magazine, 4 lipsticks, and like a million amazing things! It was maybe the coolest thing thats happened to me since moving here. I was so excited! I can't wait for my mom to get here next week so we can go back and see what they're handing out then!

We did a little shopping around, ate lunch, and as we wandered towards the bus stop made a detour for Magnolia's Bakery. It was delish. I was so excited to give Gunner his first taste of cupcakes. I figured, if I'm going to corrupt my baby, it should probably be with a world famous cupcake. As I stood in line I was weighing all my options, not wanting to get him anything to exotic. I settled on vanilla with chocolate frosting and a brownie ice cream sandwich for Zack. I was seriously like giddy at the thought of his face lighting up as he tastes the yummiest thing of his life. When I got out to find him and Zack...HE WAS ASLEEP! I was so disappointed I almost woke him up. Anyways, I ate the whole cupcake myself and my disappointment vanished. I feel like this is why I'm meant to live in New York City! Basically, just to eat the yummiest food on Earth. Good thing we walk like 100 miles a week in this place. I need better shoes! 

We are so lucky to have a baby that loves his stroller, loves people, and loves a good adventure. If we had a cranky or temperamental baby, these long, full days wouldn't be nearly as fun (or possible)!

This is my favorite photo I've ever taken of him!!!!

I seriously am in LOVE with this city. I cannot wait for my mom to get here on Tuesday and hopefully my sister next month! The thought of sharing it with my family and friends is driving me crazy! HURRY UP AND GET HERE EVERYONE!!!! I'm definitely not an expert on anything here, but I am obsessed with each new adventure and discovery (like busses! whats so scary about busses!?) I feel like a student of the city. I'm just soaking it up! So, when I say COME VISIT ME! I absolutely mean it! Anyone, everyone! Please come and be an excuse for us to explore something new!


P.S. I loved the comments last time!! We want more... we want more!


  1. I love that you are loving it! Man, I would love to check out fashion week! I wanna come for a visit!

  2. Wow what a fun day!! I love hearing about your NY adventures and I miss that baby Gunner!! He's just scrumptious.