We survived!!!

We survived our first very NYC Day! Yesterday we hit the streets in hopes of becoming new yorkers. It was an awesome day! It started well and it ended well! Our goal when we left the house was to find everything to furnish our apartment. We need a couch, chairs, dishes, rugs, basically everything you need for daily life. We ended up with a set of cups and a frying pan. I think that online shopping might be our best bet. I had these big dreams of finding the most perfect unique piece of furniture in a tiny boutique. The closest we came was a bright orange sectional futon. Literally a futon. It was horrible. But desperation for a couch almost tempted us.

The day started out perfectly with a smiling baby and a winning result for Zack's favorite soccer team! Go Arsenal!!

Then we got ready for the day and headed out to attempt the subway! I'd say our first ride was a success. Okay, so we had the attendant yell at us, and missed the first train, and got off a stop early, but we did meet a really nice man who helped us figure out how to pay. And I think we managed to look like we belonged! Unfortunately, Gunner won't remember any of it because he slept through both subway rides. Classic Gunner.

does anyone's 6 month old make it through the day in one outfit?!?!

We wandered around the city, somewhat aimlessly for hours. We stumbled upon Central Park! I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of it!! But I did take pictures of some of the amazing flower stands and my lunch! We looked up the block we were on and tried to find the restaurant most out of our comfort zone. That happened to be Jerusalem Restaurant, which, contrary to what you'd assume, was a Greek restaurant. They had delicious wraps. I had the chicken Kebab and Zack tried the Lamb Shawarma!

While sitting waiting for my lunch, I got a very pleasant surprise when my cute nephew called me on FaceTime. He got bored quick though and I got to chat with my sissy! Thank heavens for Technology!! It makes Utah feel a little closer.

After lunch we met up with my very best childhood friend Ellen! She lives in Brooklyn which is so close, but so far away! Its probably only like 15 miles away, but its a solid hour and a half on the subway! Luckily, everything exciting is smack dab in the middle of us! It was so fun to see her and I am excited that we can start hanging out more! Its been over ten years since we've lived in the same state!

On our walk to dinner Gunner was feeling really social. He was perked up in his seat and was smiling and showing off his new waving skills (its insanely cute!!!) People were like falling all over themselves for him. But, can you blame them?! He's seriously like the cutest thing I've ever owned.

After dinner we started our trek home. Somehow we had wandered like more than 30 blocks from where we started (which is nothing by NY standards). Luckily, they have a subway stop every few blocks. I've decided that subway is the way to travel. You just sit back, put your feet up, take a nap, read a book, knit, ect.

All in all it was an incredibly full and exciting day! I think that NYC is so much less intimidating than I had prepared myself for. I can see how people fall in love with it. There is a distinct pulse and energy. We saw restaurants and shops of every ethnicity and type. I feel like you could find anything you need or want within 10 blocks (except a couch or bedding apparently).  It has so much to offer! I can honestly say we didn't meet a single rude person the whole day. We probably have Gunner to thank for that.

Last night as I started uploading my pictures from the day I had my sweet baby boy snuggled up next to me chatting away. I was overcome with gratitude and pride. I am overwhelmed and humbled by this amazing opportunity Zack, Gunner and I have! I cannot wait to explore for the next nine months! This week I'm starting with our neighborhood! There really is so much to see within walking distance (including a Target!!!!). Thank you to everyone who pushed us to come here and do this! I'm so glad we did!!
Love and Miss you all!!!

P.S. A bunch of people have asked for pictures of the inside of our apartment... but its a total wreck right now. Its a bed and a few piles of clothes mixed with suitcases. Once we've gotten in cleaned up and semi in order I'll send pics!

P.P.S. Leave me comments. Just for fun?!?


  1. So exciting! The only reason I didn't find the subway intimidating was because I was with my dad who served his mission in NYC and has been back a few times since, so he had it down. I would have been terrified otherwise! What a cool opportunity! What's Zack going to school for?

    1. Breanne! I didn't know your dad served out here!! You guys should come visit soon!!! Zack is getting his Masters in Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences, Which is fancy for research and statistics in the social sciences (economics, sociology, psychology, political science, ect).

  2. Love that I can follow your New York adventure. I can live through your adventures as I am here in little Cedar. Can't wait for your next post! Congrats on your first outing!