A 'Football' Match, a Sticky Floor, and a Blind Pig

For those of you who don't know much about my husband Zack, theres one thing you must know. He loves soccer! Or as he likes to call it, football. More specifically he LOVES the Arsenal Gunners (in London). You probably think, okay, yeah i get it he supports this team. But let me repeat...HE LOVES this team. As in: wakes up at 4 am to watch games, cries after a big loss, screams and dances after a good goal, names his first born child after them...that kind of love.

As you can imagine, he has always dreamed of going to see a match; however, thats not really in the cards for us... maybe EVER. But, when we moved to NYC I started looking for people who support the team and watch it together and found this group called the NYC Arsenal Supporters. Catchy right? Well, they all get together in this pub downtown and wear their jerseys and drink their morning beer and shout profanities at the TV (you know, just regular British stuff!). Seeing as we don't do most of those things, I don't know what made me think this would be a fun thing to do as a family (other than the fact that it would make Zack's week.. maybe month!)

So, we woke up early to get down to the pub by the 10 am kick off (luckily they were a late game this week!) We all dressed in our Arsenal garb and jumped on the subway towards The Blind Pig (I really don't get pub culture). On the subway ride down we were treated to both a Mariachi band a group of cranky old men gospel singers trying to make some extra cash. Subway rides are NEVER Dull!

We arrived a few minutes after the game started and to be honest I wasn't sure they were even going to let me in with my precious little child... but they did! They even rearranged some chairs and people to make room for my "pram." We strapped Gunner to Zack's chest and weaseled our way to the back of the pub where there was a little extra room. It was dark and hot and loud and crowded, everything Zack had imagined! Seeing as we don't drink, I never would have seen myself going to a pub... better yet, bringing my baby to a pub. The things we do for love! Haha!

The walls were lined with TVs and projectors, mostly showing the Arsenal game, but a few showing some other teams in the league. You could seriously cut the tension in this place with a knife! The glee that was on Zack's face the entire way to the pub quickly faded to a familiar, serious, tense, focussed, nervousness that matched all the other fans around us! The crowd Oohed and Aaahed and shouted "Rubbish" in unison! If I'm being completely honest, the gasps were contagious! The atmosphere was electric! The tension just kept building and building as everyone in the room was willing the team to score! Then.. the moment I had been dreading (for Gunner's sake) came in the 18th minute when Jack Wilshere scored a magnificent, brilliant, bloody beautiful goal and the pub exploded.. erupted with cheers and songs and excitement. Gunner was... TERRIFIED. hahahaha this poor kid was seriously disturbed. He calmed down quickly though, but I decided I'd better hold him so I could cover his ears every time the ball got close to the goal.  

Obviously there were no available chairs or tables, so I decided to sit down on the floor... I know! This was not one of my proudest moments. Sitting on the dirty sticky floor of a downtown pub, snuggling my infant son. Even one of the waitresses was grossed out and brought me a stool from the back. 

The converstaions I over heard were absolutely priceless. I heard two men discussing whether or not Mikel Arteta wears eyeliner becuase "nobody has eyelashes that thick!" You be the judge.. 

I do have to admit, I much prefer watching the game in my jammies snuggled up on my couch; but, I'm glad we went! It was a fun cultural experience and I know Zack loves to see other people who share his deep passionate love for The Arsenal! It probably was the only time I'll ever set foot in a pub, so it was an experience worth having! I wish Zack would have written about this because I'm sure for him it was this amazingly fun, life-changing experience, but for Gunner and me we were sort of counting down to our half time get away!  Gunner and I snuck out to go have brunch with my friend Ellen and I'll have to write about that later this week! It was so fun to see her and we explored some new parts of town! 

Okay for all my mom friends... well mostly all my friends with any sort of good judgment you're probably cringing at the thought of us taking Gunner into this bar! But, it really was more like a rowdy restaurant than a bar!  I promise it was a safe and smoke-free place! Once again, another slice of New York City that was brand new, unlike anything else we've experienced! I'm just waiting for a day when I'll go somewhere or experience something for a second time! Hahah! I am slowly and gradually getting used to the hustle and bustle, the public transportation, and the wild energy that seems present through the entire city! It may be a little early to say this, but I'm almost starting to feel like a real-life New Yorker!

Love you guys!!!

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