Leaves, Tigers, and Bears.. OH MY!

We finally made it to the zoo (well like a month ago)!! After like 5 failed attempts, we did it! And even the Bronx Zoo at that (it's the best one!) One morning Zack slept through his alarm, so when he realized he'd miss his first class we decided we had to make it worth his while!

Wednesday is donation day at the Bronx Zoo, which means you pay whatever you want! That was ideal because we didn't get there until 2 hours before the park closed and I couldn't bear to pay full admission for 2 hours! Public transportation both simplifies and complicates our life. I'm still undecided about if it's better! Anyways, after a few buses we arrived with a well rested baby!

We thought since it was donation day that it would be packed. But it wasn't!! We were thrilled to find that we practically had the place to ourselves! I didn't even run over any stranger's feet with my stroller!! That never happens! We must have gone at just the right time!

I didn't have high hopes for Gunner's interest in the animals (mostly because I keep building up these moments in my head and then he sleeps through them.) But he was actually a little excited by them! And a few of the animals seemed excited about him. This tiger spotted him from across the enclosure and came straight up to the glass and just watched as Gunner talked and smacked the glass! It was one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me at a zoo!! (maybe for a second I felt a little like a national geographic photographer....)

The trees in the zoo are amazing! And it must have been the peak of the autumn leaves because the colors were wild!!! The weather was absolutely beautiful too! Gunner didn't even need his mittens, which he was thrilled about! He hates those stupid things!! 

That's one more thing checked off our NYC Bucketlist! It was an absolutely heavenly day! We'll definitely go back! There seemed to be a lot of construction so I think we'll have to check it out in the Spring! 

^^Gunner was obsessed with his little souvenir!^^


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