Zack tells me I sing the Batman song super out of tune or I don't have the melody or something... But I don't see how that makes it any different from the rest of the songs I sing!

Growing up we never got store bought costumes for Halloween! We were always something created from things around the house and basic craft supplies, which is why I was once a flower, a birthday present, and a girl scout (I was a girl scout in real life at the time). I like to think that instilled a deep desire for creativity in my Halloween costumes! But after weeks of brainstorming how we could combine my limited crafting skills with our even more limited selection of household items, we settled on a store bought Batman costume! 

At first I was super disappointed in myself! My mother taught me better than this! But then the second I saw Gunner dressed as Batman, cape and all, I about melted! I kept thinking to myself "oh he LOVES it!" But then I remembered he doesn't yet know the different between this and any other outfit he wears.

Gunner didn't nap well all day so right about Halloween party time he was melting down, basically begging for a nap. But, as mother of the year, I refused! He would NOT sleep through his first Halloween!

So maybe he was a grumpy Batman (I feel like Batman is grumpy anyways...so Gunner was probably just getting into character). But we went to the party and then took him trick or treating! I have been having this inner debate as to whether or not it's tacky to take an 8 month old trick or treating. I mean he's surely not going to eat all the candy...but a little tackiness never killed anyone.

Trick or treating in New York City is done a little differently! First of all, we didn't have to bundle up and brave the cold weather because we just went door to door inside our apartment building. There was a list in the elevator of all the people who would be handing out candy and we went floor by floor! Secondly, a man on the 8th floor was handing out beers to all the parents who were taking kids around.... Maybe this isn't just a NYC thing, but it was definitely a new experience for us! Hahaha!

I like to think Gunner enjoyed trick or treating, but how could he not! His dad carried him around like he was flying and  people were popping out from behind doors oohing and aahhing at him! Plus, we thought we'd let him carry his own bag, but mostly that just involved him hitting his dad in the face and eating it.

^^ hahaha i love these pics! ^^

We gave him a twizzler which he completely devoured! Then a Kit Kat which he gnawed on and snuggled a bit! I think it was love at first taste! (Check out my Instagram for a super cute vid of him and his Kit-Kat) You should have seen his bath water after this experience. You know it's Halloween when you're bath tub drain is clogged with twizzlers!!


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