Bucket List Update

There are a few bucket list items that we've checked off over the last few months, but don't really warrant their own post. So here's a quick word about each.

Getting Caught in the rain
This picture was taken outside the Manhattan Temple at Lincoln Center. I'm not sure what we were doing down there that day, but based on our clothes, I'm pretty sure we didn't go in to the temple.

Best slice of pizza in NYC
Lombardi's Pizza. You guys. It is 100% a MUST GO! If you are in NYC you absolute have to go here. At first I thought maybe it was going to be a touristy place with mediocre food. But that was not the case. They are licensed as America's FIRST Pizzeria. It was started by an Italian immigrant in 1905 (so they really know what they are doing.) This place is out of this world. They use all fresh ingredients. Everything is prepared by hand, in house. Its located just a few blocks away from Little Italy on Spring Street. Its dynamite. (Also, if you're looking for great dessert, right across the street is a place called Rice to Riches. Scrumpsh.) Zack and I have had our fair share of pizza since living here. As in, we eat pizza at least twice a week. So, I like to think we have a pretty good idea of what good pizza is. I was so excited when I had this pizza because I knew I had officially found, the best slice of pizza in NYC. However, I'll continue eating pizza, just in case there is something else out there.

Hail a Cab
This is not as fun or glamorous as it sounds. You stand on the street and wait for a cab with a light on the drive by and wave at them. Then they pull over. Thrilling.

Dylan's Candy Bar
We had a half hour to spare while we were in midtown (which is really rare) so we made a quick run into Dylan's Candy Bar. This place is cool because they have a lot of candy, and I like candy. But truthfully, it is crazy expensive and over-crowded. I'd say, its fun to do once, but not worth going out of your way for.

We bought all these candy bars and then somehow I lost them. We didn't even get to try them.

We've only got a few more weeks left in New York City so we need to hurry up and get the rest of our bucket list marked off. We are getting sad to leave, but we're hoping we'll be back before too long. 


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