A Day in Brooklyn (a month late)

Last month Gunner and I had the funnest day with our friends the Leal's (she blogs over at Cooking Hat) in Brooklyn. I don't know why its taken me so long to sit down and weed through my 500 pictures from the day and write about it.

We had planned to go see the Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, but literally one tree had just barely started to bloom, so we decided to postpone that outing and hit the Brooklyn Children's Museum. I feel like I've been to a lot of children's museums in my life; but taking Gunner was like a whole new experience. He was in HEAVEN. It's like everything in there was built and catered to children. Oh wait. That's exactly what it is. Genius.

I'm convince I gestated, birthed, and am now raising a fish. This boy lives for the water. Bathtime is by far his favorite time and I always have to wrestle that squishy slippery nakey body when its time to get out. He will even put his face in the water, just to see what happens. Amazing? Reckless? Maybe a little of both. But my point is, this boy was in heaven with all the water features at this place.

They even had a 5 & under play area with a big water table. Gunner was hysterical. I just couldn't bare to be a kill joy and deny him the thrill of splashing to his heart's content. By the time we left he was completely drenched and (bonus) exhausted.

^^ Ally may have been a little less than amused by Gunner's antics ^^
^^ Look at those baby blues! ^^

We left the museum and walked a few blocks to grab some pizza. I'm so unpredictable with my food choices aren't I? (Side note: I suggested pizza the other day and Zack said he was "burnt out on pizza". Excuse me?!? When you live in the city with the best pizza on Earth how do you get burnt out on pizza?? I can't even imagine a time in my life when I wouldn't want to eat a slice of pizza. insanity.)

So we grabbed a pie and Gunner was completely comatose in his stroller. I feel like one of the greatest feelings as a mother is when my kid is so exhausted from playing hard and having too much fun that he just drifts to sleep in his stroller. The fun induced slumber is a much deeper and sweeter sleep I think. Surrounded by friends, with a belly full of pizza, and a well-rested baby, it may have been the most content I had felt in a while.

We drove over to Park Slope, which is the dreamiest of all neighborhoods. It's like old and historic looking, but also really hip and modern. I know it doesn't make any sense, but if I could choose one neighborhood in New York City to live in, if money weren't an issue, I think it might be Park Slope. We walked over to a look out/boardwalk type thing to admire the city.

I think one of the reasons I love Brooklyn so much is because of the view of Manhattan's skyline.You look out across the East River and the bridges and skyscrapers are breathtaking. Its this really strange paradox of being in the city while admiring it from afar. Its like having your cake and eating it to.

I will say that Gunner takes playing at the park very seriously. He is very focussed on climbing stairs, sliding slides, and most importantly observing the other children. But every once in a while, I'll catch just a glimpse of a smile on his lips as he slides. It doesn't last long, and it rarely gets caught on camera. The first time I took him to the park I wasn't sure he was even having fun because there was no smiling or laughing as I'd imagined. But as soon as I put him in his stroller to go home all hell broke loose. It wasn't that he wasn't having fun, he just takes his fun very seriously, like his dad. And I'm okay with that.

As Gunner has grown and become more of a toddler than a baby, it has been extra sweet to see him learning about friendship. He is so in love with the Leal girls. Everytime he sees them he lights up and runs to them. Watching him and Ally play at this park together was precious. I dread the day we have to say goodbye to them. The Leal family has become some of our closest friends. They have been such an amazing support and positive force in our lives. We will forever be grateful for their friendship and I know that we'll hang on to them forever.


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