Just My Gunner and Me.

Well,  D-day is just around the corner and I haven't blogged in months. I've been really busy trying to make the most of this time I have with Gunner. And I have to say, these last few months have been some of the sweetest. Gunner is growing and changing so much, I feel like I can barely keep up. I want to remember this time, when he is my only worry. My world revolves around only him. There's a part of me that doesn't want this chapter to end. I want to hang on to these moments of just the two of us as long as I can. So, I thought I'd write a few "quick" words about what life is like right now. Just my Gunner and me.

Mornings are my favorite part of the day lately. Gunner still sleeps until at least 9 everyday. Yesterday it was 10:30. I know... not normal. Once he wakes up, I hear his chubby little feet racing into my room and he bounces into my bed to snuggle/smother me. We usually spend 30 minutes or so snuggling in my bed, talking about what happened in his dreams (its always the same, playing with kids), what we're going to do that day, and mostly just giggling at whatever silly thing he's come up with that day.

I've been getting over a mild case of pneumonia (who gets pneumonia IN THE SUMMER when they're 9 MONTHS PREGNANT?!?!?) so we've been sticking close to home lately. The harder days are spent snuggled on the couch watching a movie, but on better days, I sit on his bed while he plays with his toys and cooks me chicken and sauce in his pretend kitchen. These are my favorite days. His imagination surprises me every day. I can't get over how creative his little mind is already. He makes cooking noises and even pretends to spill and make a mess, then quickly cleans it up. The other day he was washing his dishes in the pretend sink and he said, "Look Mom! I do dishes like Daddy!" Smart, smart boy! (And lucky me, because both of the men in my life do dishes!)

Once it's nap time, I snuggle into his bed with him to sing some songs. He's usually pretty willing to climb into bed. The boy needs his sleep, just like his mama! But sometimes I have to bribe him into bed with the promise of something REALLY great once he wakes up. Like, "you have to take a nap because when you wake up DADDY WILL BE HOME and you can play soccer with him!!" or "if you want to help bake cookies you have to take a nice long nap!" I try to keep my promises to him, but sometimes I really hope he forgets. Haha! We sing a few songs together, usually the classics. ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, I am a Child of God. And a few Gunner originals, such as "Goo-geeh-gaah-gah" which is complete jibberish to the tune of the ABCs. After a kiss on his forehead, kisses on both cheeks, eskimo kisses, and the occasional butterfly kiss we argue over who loves who more until finally I have to concede that he loves me more and close the door.

Some days, nap time can't come soon enough. I really love to have a couple hours to be productive, but also mostly just to take my own nap. Especially these last couple weeks. But by the time he wakes up, I'm almost always thrilled to see him! After naps, he knocks on his bedroom door and shouts, "Mama!! I awake!!" I open the door as he lunges into my arms for the warmest, sweetest hug you could ever imagine.

After nap time, its usually time to straighten up the house and/or get dinner started. Gunner is "super helpful" with both of these things. Yesterday, I asked him to collect all of his toys from the living room into a box so we could put them away. He was so excited and enthusiastic that he started getting toys out of his room to fill the box. He was so proud of himself, I almost couldn't bear to correct him. I like to have him sit at the kitchen table and color or have a quick snack while I make dinner. I love that he is talking well enough to have conversations now. He is so deep in the questions stage right now. He needs an explanation for just about every single thing I'm doing and why I'm doing it and why he can't do it too. It's pretty cute, for the first few minutes. I try not to get frustrated with all the questions because I know his words and his curiosity will serve him well as he grows. He's getting big enough that I try to let him help me cook. I hope that he will have fond memories in the kitchen with me, but I also kind of hope that he'll develop a love of cooking.

He's usually over the moon when Daddy gets home and screams and runs to him. I love when Daddy gets home too because then Gunner's questions are mostly directed at him. Dinner time has been a little bit of a struggle lately. I think it's because Gunner doesn't want to stop talking long enough to put any food in his mouth. But again, usually we motivate him with a prize like blueberries, or brushing his teeth (yes, the boy LOVES to brush his teeth).

I love our evenings together. Usually I get to put my feet up and watch Zack chase Gunner around the kitchen table, and practice soccer tricks. Most nights, Zack does bedtime duty. I really love to hear their conversations at the end of the day. I love to hear Gunner sing along as Zack sings his good night songs. And I really, really LOVE our family prayers. Gunner insists on saying them every night, and he likes to do it by himself. Although he needs a little help staying on track. Usually his prayers go like this
"Heavenly Father
Thank you our day
Thank you our Family
Thank you my Papa
Thank you my Mama
Thank you baby Sister
Thank you Marshmallows
Thank you Daddy
Thank you Gunner
Thank you healthy bodies
Name Jesus Christ Amen"
Each thing is usually repeated a few times throughout and every once in a while he throws in something new that neither of us understands.  I've tried several times to get a video of it, but every single time he stops and looks at me and says, "Mom why you doing that? What you doing your phone?" So, I've got to come up with a more covert way to record it. It's just about the cutest thing on Earth.

Some nights when I climb into bed at night I actually miss him. This can't be normal. He climbs on me and jumps on me and slobbers on me all day, and as soon as he's in bed for the night, I miss him. He's becoming such a sweet, tender little guy. He said to me the other day, out of nowhere, "You da bess mama eber" I don't even know where he picked that up. But I definitely shed a tear or two.

He is wild and rambunctious, but mostly I like to consider him brave. He's willing to try just about anything once, even if he thinks its "ree-ye scare-ye." He is starting to develop a silly side. He remembers the funniest, most random words and repeats them throughout the day. He even went through a stage where he would only call his dad Zack Dupaix! He dances even when there is no music, and loves to show off his cool tricks. Most days are filled with over the top laughter and crazy new stunts that make my heart stop.

Not every day is easy, in fact most days aren't. But, there is something in every single day that puts a smile on my face. Gunner is my best little friend. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, and at the end of every day, he makes me feel so so lucky to be his mama!

I really can't wait to meet our baby girl. I know she will bring even more love and adventure into our lives. I can't wait to watch Gunner grow as he learns to love her. Right before Gunner was born I remember feeling like, life was perfect just the way it was. I did't want anything to change. Then he was born and EVERYTHING changed, and I'm so glad it did. Life has only become sweeter and more full as he's become an essential part of our family. I keep telling myself that I will feel the same way once the baby is born, and I really really hope thats true, because life is pretty darn great right now. It's hard to imagine it could get much better.


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