Rants and Nonsense.

Today started out a little bumpy, literally, and I've just been feeling a little bogged down and drained. So I thought I'd word vomit out all of my feelings and see where this takes us. (Isn't that what blogging is really about anyways??)

Gunner woke up with a really nasty sounding cough, luckily it doesn't seem to be croup; Just your average strain of nursery germs. Then after dropping Zack off at work, someone rear-ended me. There were no injuries, but our bumper took a beating. Ultimately, I guess its not that big of deal.  Its mostly just super inconvenient. We're getting ready to go out of town for a while and I don't even want to deal with insurance claims, and car repairs, and ugh. But truth be told, I'm so grateful no one was hurt. It definitely could have been so much worse.

Lately (as in, before today) I've been feeling really great and productive. I'm not sure if I've been more productive because I feel better, or I feel better because I've been productive. Anytime I've been in a funk my mom's advice has been, take a shower and get moving! She's a huge example to me of hitting the ground running in the morning. I've never been a big believer in early mornings, but with Zack still recovering from his surgery I have to drive him to work. This has us up, dressed, and out of the house by 9 am everyday. Before his surgery I didn't even wake up before 9 am. But since Gunner and I are up and out of the house so early we've started running our errands right away. We've been hitting the gym, the library, and the children's museum pretty regularly. (My mom would be proud)

The best part of it all is that Gunner's getting a lot more physical and social play which makes him a happier kid, making me a happier mom. By the time nap time comes around he's exhausted and climbs into bed by himself, too tired for books or whining. Just a quick kiss and a "night-night mama." Some days I literally feel like the luckiest mom on planet Earth. He's fearless and rambunctious; he pushes every boundary he encounters. But man, he's smart! And he's a problem solver, and a sometimes he surprises me with how well he listens. And on top of it all, he's generous with his kisses and I love yous. So even if his wild spirit may actually be the death of me, my heart soars when he soars!

Tonight as I was tucking him into bed, I was so grateful for today. Because even though Gunner is sick, and my bumper is jacked up, and I didn't get much done, life is pretty darn good.


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