Dock a Tot

Originally when I contacted Dock A Tot about trying their product, my intent was to use it as we transition Penelope from crib to toddler bed. But then Zack surprised me by planning a trip to Europe for later this month without our kids and we couldn't leave our parents with all the struggles that come from a newly trained big girl bed sleeper.

So, we've postponed the bed transition until after our trip. But, I feel like all this time getting her comfortable in the dock has been extremely useful; and will, eventually, make the transition easier.

Here are my top three favorite things about the Dock A Tot Grand:


Before the Dock, we'd find Penelope in the strangest positions with legs and arms sticking out the side of her crib. We'd lay her down and she'd wake up rolled over, upside down, and sideways. But now, the Dock has created an obvious, intuitive spot for her, and we always find her in the exact same spot she fell asleep in. The soft bumpers create a comfortable pillow for her head and gently prevent her from rolling around too much. 

Her flailing sleep habits have been one of my biggest concerns about switching her into a big bed. But I honestly feel like this will help keep her snug as a bug, and far from rolling out of the bed.


The week we received the Dock was, coincidentally, the week Penelope learned to take off her diaper. We had to wash the cover FOUR times (and inside padding once) in the first week. 

Every time I was so scared the poop stains wouldn't come out, or that it would be misshapen when we reinserted the pads. But stains came out without stain remover, and the padding easily slid perfectly into place.

The fabric is extremely durable but still soft, even after at least 10 washes this month.

(Note: My advice would be to choose a patterned cover (like this one!) instead of bright white. The white looks great in pictures, but shows any little booger or food stain. You know how it goes. Babies and white don't mix.)


We haven't taken the kids on a trip since we received our Dock, but you can bet we won't be traveling without it. It will be perfect for putting Nella to sleep in a hotel bed. 

It's been great for when she needs to nap in my room. She's comfortable in it, it gives her the cue that it's bed time, and it keeps her safely in the bed. 

The kids also love to snuggle up on it to watch a movie or play a game. It has become a favorite spot around our house and Gunner wants to know why he didn't get one. Haha

All in all, the Dock a Tot has been wonderful in the crib, and I cannot wait to see how it helps once we transition her into a toddler bed.

You can bet I'll be getting the infant size when baby number three comes along!

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