2013: Reason 2

If I were to imagine my most perfect summer, it would be the summer of 2013. It had everything! Hiking, Soccer Games, Road Trips, Fireworks, Birthdays, New Babies, and a whole lot of quality time with friends and family!! So, that brings me to Reason 2 that 2013 was the BEST EVER!

If you know me at all you know that my dream is to live in Cedar City in a little old house within a mile of my parents, sister, and brother!  They all hang out everyday without me and it is sort of devastating to me that I'm not with them! I hate that I'm missing out on so much! But, since we won't be settling in Cedar City anytime in the near future Zack agreed to a summer there. Luckily, Zack's entire family is just a few hours North of Cedar so we got to see them a lot too!! It was a little slice of heaven!

One of the biggest reasons I was afraid of moving to New York was that Gunner wouldn't get to know his cousins and grandparents! But this summer we got extra large doses of them! I could write for days and days and days and it would never capture all the fun we had this summer. So instead I'll just flood you with pictures!!

Tour of Utah

Gunner has 7 (plus one on the way) cousins and he already loves them!! We try to FaceTime with them at least once a week and he just lights up when they come on the screen! Gunner and Max are only a few months apart and they are already quite the combo! He also has Les who is just a few months younger! He will have a best friend on both sides of the family! How lucky is he?!? I can't wait to watch him interact with all of them over the next few weeks while we're home!!

These two are going to be BIG trouble as they grow up!

                               Zack's mini-me^^
Miss Mollie LOVES BABIES!! Can you tell?!?

Those silly Troxels!!!!

First he's sour, then he's sweet!!

My sisters kids are the first kids I ever loved! I wasn't sure I really wanted to have kids until I fell in love with these kiddos!! Being with them for a whole summer was such a treasure!!! It is the worst that I can't see them everyday and go to every soccer game and every school concert! I hope one day...

what a little ham!!

Max's 1st Bday!!
Our Little Soccer Star!
This is one of my favorite photos!

How pretty is my sissy?!?!?!

I think we were probably at the park 5 or 6 times a week! We LOVE the park. A Cedar City summer is like the most beautiful weather. The sky is blue, the red rock, green grass and trees. It's impossible to stay inside. It's just too heavenly outside. 

^^What good uncles!! 
we have too much fun. 

Okay Hawaii friends! Keep an eye out for this cutie in the purple dress! Her and her hubby moved there this year and they are the most fun!! 
omg.. that picture of Brian and Gunner... hahahahahah

Is it just me or does Gunner look like he belongs to them?!? 
Hey Rach, lets look more awkward in our next pic... Not Possible!

Soaking up the summer sun! 

Strawberries from Nana and Papa's Garden!

Gunner's FIRST 4th of July!

Okay I saved the best for last! My favorite part of this whole summer was that we got to spend time with each of our families as a whole. As in: all our siblings, nieces, nephews, parents!

Zack's older brother had a baby in August and we drove up and spent the weekend snuggling that sweet new baby, Les, and enjoying everyone's company!! I'm thankful for camera timers so we could get this family pic with EVERYONE!! So special!

Zack's Birthday Dinner!

Also in August, my older brother came to visit!! This was the first time we were all together since like 2007!  We spent a week at a cabin up the mountain! What a blast! Again, that self-timer came through for us with a little help from a stack of coolers!!

This was Gunner's (and Zack's) first time meeting my oldest brother Jacob!! LOVE this pic!

It was the most PERFECT summer!! I had so much fun going through all of these pictures and remembering everything we did! I'd say this summer was one of the biggest reasons 2013 was the best ever!!!


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